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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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send a message and launch me into the state of ohio, where we will have a whole new day in american politics. thank you all very much. >> kasich is getting support from former gop presidential nominee, mitt romney, who recorded a phone message for the ohio governor in michigan, as well as senator marco rubio in florida, with one goal, stop donald trump. >> these ads are so vicious. and they're so phony. they're so false. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz said rubio and kasich can't win. >> ours is the only campaign that has beaten donald trump repeatedly and can beat donald trump. >> hillary clinton has a big lead over bernie sanders in mississippi and michigan, the two states holding democratic primaries today. she met with voters at a bakery this morning before leaving for ohio tonight. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> ohio and florida are the next big prizes on the election calendar. both states vote a week from today,
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missouri, and. hogan said he is completely disgusted with national politics and both parties. hogan had endorsed governor chris kristy who has endorsed donald trump. a new poll finds the democratic race to replace maryland senator barbara mikulski is a tossup. the marketing and strategy poll shows 42% favor montgomery county congressman, chris van holland. 15 are still undecided. the maryland primary is april 26th. first lady michelle obama, and former first lady and democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, will be among those attending nancy reagan's funeral friday. president obama is not attending. he's scheduled to make a speech in austin, texas. today, first lady michelle obama
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rageab's legacy. >> mrs. reagan also understood the value of mentoring. she warmly and willingly offered advice and encouragement to me, as i settled in, into my role as first lady. and i am so grateful for her kindness and generosity to me and my family over the years, that i hope that our continued work to educate girls worldwide is a fitting tribute to her legacy. >> nancy reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. the former first lady will lie in repose at the library, wednesday and thursday. >> a palestinian terrorist killed an american tourist in israel. the stabbing death was one of three terror attacks in that country today. and it took place soon after vice president joe biden arrived in israel for a two-day visit. 10 civilians and two israeli police officers were wounded in the attack. at least four palestinian terrorists were killed. also today, a reporter captured video of a rocket
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territory, hitting near a hospital in turkey. >> oh, my gosh. the rocket struck a car, killing a woman and 4-year-old boy who was inside. a 6-year-old boy was also wounded. as many as eight rockets landed in turkey. the tickerrish military did open fire. and residents have been urged to stay indoors. back here. all three prince william county officers who were shot while answering a domestic call that left one of them dead. they were all wearing bullet- resistant vests. >> the big question is, why didn't those vests protect them? peggy fox has answers from the police chief headquarters in woodbridge. peg? >> you know, s.w.a.t. teams do wear heavy armor that does protect them against high- powered rifles. but all of that is way too constricting for patrol officers and too heavy as well. so patrol officers wear vests. but unfortunately, they don't protect against
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rifles, which are legal here in virginia. >> have you try -- have you try it on here. just go through here. . >> reporter: they're often called bullet-proof vests. but they're tumly bullet- resistant. >> in the last three kede cades, they have saved lives. >> reporter: they do stop bullets from handguns, but not from rifles. >> those rounds go right through patrol officer's vest. they're not meant to stop that level of a round. and they're devastating. >> reporter: the three prince williams county officers were wearing similar vests when they were gunned down, answering a domestic violence call recently. officer ashley guindon was killed. >> in this case, there was no information about firearms. but the subject had apparently prepared the firearm for the officer's arrival. >> reporter: the suspect opened the door and came out firing. he had both a handgun and a rifle. chief steven hutchins said it's not yet clear which bullets
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>> in terms of domestic. it's about trying to get as much information as you can before the officers respond. however, if that is limited or the call is cut off or anything like that, the officers have to go check. they have to make sure there is not a victim that doesn't need protection. >> the chief is looking to see if any changes need to be made to make things safer in the field. >> reporter: officer guindon is the second police officer here in prince william county to be killed in the line of duty by gunfire. the first was officer phillip pennington back in 1990. he was wearing full body armor. he was wearing s.w.a.t. gear. on a s.w.a.t. team. and chief hudson said he remembers it well, because he was standing right next to him. reporting live in prince william county, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and officer jesse henpin, one of the two officers wounded, has been released from the hospital and will make a full recovery. the other officer, david mccowan, will have a much
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longer road ahead. a win for prosecutors trying to make the case against baltimore police officers, charmed in the death of freddie gray. maryland's high court says officer william porter must testify dweans the five other officers charged in this case. prosecutors argued successfully before the court of appeals that officer porter's fifth amendment rights would not be violated by granting him immunity. his testimony at the officers' trial cannot be used at his own trial. the first trial ended as a hung jury. he'll be retried after the five other officers have their cases heard. firing weapons during a confrontation with an armed rancher involved in a standoff in oregon. the rancher, robert finiggum was stopped. the shots that killed finicum were actually fired by oregon state police. not the fbi. but the agents were required to report that they had also fired their weapons.
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he risked his own life, when a gunman killed three people in a kansas factory. but police chief doug schroeder said he's no hero. schroeder said, god prepared him to deal with that situation. cedric ford killed four people and wounded 12 others before the chief fatally shot him. severe storms and a possible tornado cause the damage. areas show damage to school buildings at charleston state university. they also peeled off the roof of an apartment building and laundry mad. in nearby tolar texas, about a dozen homes were damaged or destroyed. two people have been injured but are expected to survive. the park service is moving up the projected peak bloom for the cherry blossoms. on the tidal basin. mark it down, folks. march 28th through the 23rd. a full eight weeks before the
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week's unseasonably warm weather is the reason for that change. talk about a temperature time warp, huh, top? >> i tell you what. no doubt. because we were in the upper 70s today. check out what is going to happen tomorrow. and also on thursday. we're looking at a high of 79 tomorrow. 80 on thursday. cooler on friday. we'll come back. we'll tell you if we'll break any records. and if that cooler air on friday means showers. and coming up next. world health leaders can see that sexual transmission of the zika virus is more common
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tonight, scientists are sounding more alarms about the zika virus. the world health org says reports from several countries suggests that sexual transmission of zika is more common than previously thought. the health agency also says there is increasing evidence that a spike in birth defecteds is caused by zika, which is mostly spread by mosquito bites. the world health organization declared the zika virus a gob global emergency. today marks three years since the malaysia flight 270 disappeared in flight. they held memorials in china and malaysia. investigators are still analyzing a 3-foot piece of medal, found off the coast of mozambique. to confirm it actually came from the boeing 777. investigators remain on the scene of a commuter train crash in northern california. at least nine people were hurt. four seriously, when that train derailed last night. e
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on its side in the creek. authorities believe a mudslide caused a tree to fall onto the tracks. tonight, police are desperate to catch a suspect on the run. pablo serrano is already accused of killing four people at his home monday night. he's now accused of killing yet another man in central missouri. authorities found seran's's truck. he's considered armed and dangerous. the chicago gang members say -- who police say murdered a 9-year-old boy has killed before, turns out. 22-year-old dwight boon dotey is charged with killing a woman, two weeks before he allegedly killed 9-year-old teshon lee. police have charged others with luring the boy to a nearby alley. police say the 9-year-old's death was intended to send a message to his father. coming up, an officer's incredible act of bravery is caught on camera. up next, the man kills his girlfriend and her
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breaking within the past hour, an ex-boyfriend, suspected of killing two sisters in cheverly last ni
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county, virginia. >> our scott broom has the latest where the murders were carried out in the presence of three young kids. >> suspected killer of these two young women is kevin terice reynolds of district heights. he apparently shot himself and was found this morning in a vehicle in hanover county, virginia. reynolds was an ex-boyfriend of 26-year-old takira jones. a grandmother's grief and shock. her daughter, 26-year-old terica jones, along with half sister, 22-year-old gelizza walsh harris, gunned down inside this apartment about 9:30 monday night. the three little girls, ages 2 to 6 were in the apartment when it happened. a cousin, too intimidated to be seen on camera this morning. >> beautiful. loved the kids. >> bam, bam, bam. >> neighbors, similarly concerned about being identified, also in shock. >> right now, i gotta get off camera. because i'm about
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>> witnesses described hearing two sets of gunshots. and seeing a man with dreadlocks, fleeing down the stairwell. jones' mother said kevin reynold was an ex-boyfriend, who, quote, couldn't let it go. >> last night's killings in cheverly, were the second and third domestic murders in prince george's county in the past two days. bullets have pierced several homes in prince williams county. and investigators are trying to figure out who is responsible. a bullet went right through a child's bedroom. about a week ago, on manassas drive, another home was hit. that bulleted went into a bedroom. and on february 18th. six homes on banjo court were pierced by bullets. that neighbor is next to fitzgerald elementary school. >> i've been here 12 years. it's never happened before. so it's a little uneasy. a little frightening.
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shootings are connected. and they say they don't have any leads right now. but they are investigating. in lanham, maryland, a twerld-year-old girl is beingul caked a -- 12-year-old girl is being called a hero. the father was at work and the mother just left to take another child to school, when a lamp apparently malfunctioned and caught fire. diana's brother tried to put out the flames but diana saw the fire and smoke building up. so she got her brother and little sister out safely. katherine t. reed elementary is now raising money for the hernandez family. to find out how you can help, you can go to our wusa 9 mobile app. chicago's largest outdoor flee market today. the fire broke out at the two block long flea market. there were initial reports of people tracked. but only one person had
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rescued. there were no injuries am. now to an incredible story of bravery. captured on video. a california highway patrol officer. look at him go. he's saving two kids now from that burning car in monterey. the officer pulled the driver over, after noticing flames coming from underneath the car. well, two people in that front seat did escape out the passenger door, while the officer worked to free a boy and a girl from the back. you can hear their screaming in the back right there. thanks to the officer's quick actions, everyone got out safely. he was like a guardian angel for those kids. my goodness. and turning on twitter. a close call r foa reporter covering a train derailment in northern carnlifoia. oh, my gosh. that was way too close right there. ktvu alex savidge was live on the air in a 7-eleven parking lothe when the car came at him. savage credits his photographer for yelling at him to get out of way. fortunately, he went e
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way. both alex and his photographer are okay. >> one of the lessons there, to all reporters, listen to your photographer. >> a good lesson all the time. >> and it's one of those stories unless you saw it. and you still don't believe it when you see it. >> i know. i saw it on twitter and was like, that is amazing. and yeah, he went the right way, which say good thing. seemed like 73 was warm enough, didn't you think? maybe not. final numbers in tonight at 11:00. you can also -- yes, i know it did, mr. johnson. thank you, captain obvious. i appreciate that. or was it the reading of 80 degrees on your carp could have been both. right now, we're in pretty good shape. throw that michael and son camera down to 68. dew point in the upper 80s. winds out of the south at about 9. record highs are possible tomorrow and thursday. both days should be around 80. and we'll show you the numbers in just a second. bus stop temperatures, 48 to 64. pretty mild. back door cold front comes through thursday night and
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friday morning. drops us back into the 60s. and it will produce primarily morning showers on friday. friday afternoon does not appear to be a washout. okay. temperatures. showed you this before the break. 79 forecast tomorrow. 80 forecast thursday. back to 67 on friday. we could set a record tomorrow. 80 is a record tomorrow. i think we are going to set a record on thursday. record high 78. both at national and dulles. back in 2006. 78 friday. that is safe. okay. all right. future cast. 10:00 tonight. upper 50s, low 60s. 58 in leesburg. 56 at 10:00 tonight. i mean, a pretty mild walk with a dog after dinner. 61 downtown. by morning, really not that cold. some upper 40s. maybe 49 in rockville and olney. 51 in silver spring and fairfax. and by midmorning. around 50. 60 in woodbridge and dale city. 60 also in sterling. look at this. by 1:00, it's 72, as far north as hagerstown. and 73 in cumberland. and those numbers may be a little bit low. on the day
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but 68 by 11:00. and 75 by 1:00. i really think tomorrow will be the best day of the week. no clouds to start the day like we had today. record warmth thursday. 80. 67, mainly morning showers friday. because of this front playing cat and mouse with us. showers are possible friday afternoon. sunday and monday. temps still in the 60s. perhaps leftover showers in the 60s with highs in the middle 60s. >> i love the sound of 80s. >> football? >> yeah. doesn't feel like football weather out there, right? but it is, spring practice is upon us. for the maryland terrapins. and you're going to love the energy. this guy brings. saying, run, run. yeah, more
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a heck of a day, as spring practice continues for maryland. and new coach, d.j. derkin who is going to lose his voice before summertime. check out the time before practice. d.j. wants players that simply don't take any easy ways out. >> be consistent. be honest, be genuine. don't try and tell a story that is not true. and then there's a misconception when a guy gets here. i mean, if a guy doesn't fit, he doesn't fit. we don't worry about rankings or stars. we're all going to be happier in the end when they're here. we're looking for guys to give great effort and are tough. >> march madness. local teams are leaving
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play. yeah, early in the week. gw, taking off from foggy bottom, heading to the a10 tourney in brooklyn. colonial, let's be honest. ntheyseeed veral wins to make a shot at making the tournament. coverage, game on. 11:30. big 10 final at 3:00. show at 5:30. as we get those brackets ready. i'm thinking old school. i'm thinking we print out our brackets. beating capital christian. for the title last night. led by this guy. and his teammates got in on the post game celebration. >> right here. markel. got a bright future. you know what i'm saying? he don't fight guards like me. >> this boy right here. he can golf. i'm going to let him golf. >> me? >> yeah. >> i just want to thank markel for allowing me to play with him. [ laughter ] >> he's why i
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[ laughter ] >> see? that's what i miss about playing high school, way back in the days. >> they don't need us anymore. they interview one another. >> who needs us? >> thanks for the great weather. it's been pretty good, too, by the way. we're look at temperatures near 80 tomorrow. 82 thursday. still cooler. but cooler is still 60s. morning showers, friday. afternoon showers saturday. mix of showers kind of off and on sunday and monday. but not washing out days. but tomorrow, the jewel tomorrow. >> and those early cherry blossoms coming in now. i'm liking it. >> 10 days earlier. >> okay. thanks for watching us. we're back at 11:00 -- at 7:00. cbs is next. >> have a good one, everybody.
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>> pelley: hungry for delegates. >> what is the breakfast strada? >> pelley: four states serving up more than 300. >> i ask you, come join us. we welcome you. >> pelley: there's a lot on the line and someone on the phone. >> hello. this is mitt romney calling. >> pelley: also tonight, storms pummel the southern plains. a failed drug test means a huge financial loss for maria sharapova. and the game changer of basketball. >> the way steph curry plays, it's pretty fun. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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